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Turn into Informed

Very first of all, grow to be informed. Even even though it does make sense to feed your dog a superior, nutritious eating plan, there is a lot of facts internet and you could unfortunately get some poor information. With that becoming said, it is important to do research. You should really understand what you can about the commercial dog food market place. Grow to be knowledgeable by speaking with your vet and uncover some great homemade recipes. There are a lot of great and effortless to make recipes on the web and of course in books at the library.

Beware of False Information

As soon as you have read up on the commercial dog food industry, you will uncover that several of what you have been told for years about dog nutrition is false. The organizations would like for you to think that only food produced in labs by scientists is healthful sufficient for your dog. They have long warned the population that feeding homemade food will outcome in an unhealthy pet. This is definitely false. All that's needed is reading the substances list of a package of pet food from a store and you will see that most of what goes into the major brands is lost calories and not at all healthful.

Give a Wide Assortment of Ingredients

What your dog will have to have to be wholesome and to live longer, is a nice selection of nutritious foods. The recipes to appear for ought to include things like a variety of components such as chicken, beef, pork and so forth. along with vegetables such as carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and other tasty veggies. Comprise of a dairy item like egg or cheese and you have a positive winner. Dogs love selection, that's why they beg for human food so regularly, so mix up the substances to preserve your dog happy and wanting additional. You will need to also give consideration to supplementing the meals with calcium as well as a fatty acid such as fish oil.

Make the Switch Progressively

You need to never switch your dog's food all at once. They must be eased into the adjust and there is a lot of useful details on exactly how to adequately undertake this on numerous websites devoted to dog food recipes. Some dogs will practical experience little if any difficulties with changing to homemade food, although other individuals could take a bit longer to adjust. Some sources recommend adding the homemade food to your dog's present food and ease off the commercial food slowly more than a few days.

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Bone Meal For Dogs

Bone meal consists of ground up bones and is used as an organic fertilizer. Bone meal is an excellent source of slow release Phosphorus which is one of the three macronutrients. The other two are Nitrogen and Potassium. These plant nutrients are called macronutrients as plants need a higher percentage of them compared to other nutrients for their development and growth process.

Bone meal doesn't move well through the soil. Therefore it is best to add it at planting time by sprinkling it over and around the roots so that the plant nutrients will interact with the root system immediately and be most beneficial to plant's overall development.

The ratio of the three macronutrients in bone meal is usually 4-14-0 meaning 4% Nitrogen, 14% Phosphorus and 0% Potassium. In addition, bone meal is also a good source of Calcium.

Phosphorus is essential for plants as it aids in root development, photosynthesis, energy transfer, cell division, flower production, transportation of plant nutrients and more. It combines with oxygen to form Phosphates.

The terms Phosphorus and Phosphate are used interchangeably.

Plumeria plants supplemented with bone meal have been known to have an increased flower production per plant. More flowers enhance the plumeria plant's overall appearance and aesthetic quality. Some plumeria growers believe that fertilizers influence the color intensity and scent of some plumeria flowers.

One word of caution to gardeners who have dogs or other wildlife, such as raccoons, visit their gardens. Since bone meal is made from bones these animals are attracted to its scent. Gardeners need to be aware of this and watch for digging and other signs of destruction in their pots and in their gardens. Proper protective measures may be needed to save plumeria plants from these nosey critters.

Plant nutrients protect plants from a number of symptoms that negatively affect the healthy growth patterns of plants, including plumeria plants.

Phosphorus deficiency, for example, expresses itself in reduction of flower production, and in fruiting plants it results in less fruits.

Other signs of Phosphorus deficiency include older leaves showing a bluish coloration mixed with green, purple veins on the leaves or the entire leaf changes into a purple-like color, stunted growth and new stalks growing thin.

Calcium, another ingredient in bone meal, is called a secondary nutrient. Other secondary nutrients include Magnesium and Sulfur.

Calcium plays an important role in developing strong plants and strengthening cell walls.

Calcium deficiency manifests itself in local tissue necrosis, death of tissue, which eventually leads to stunted growth. Other signs of Calcium deficiency include necrotic leaf margins, curled leaves, demise of terminal buds and tips of the roots.

By applying bone meal to your plants, including plumeria plants, you ensure a steady release of Phosphorus over an extended period of time resulting in floriferous and thriving plants.

Part 2 of the series, Plant Nutrients, will focus on the benefits of Nitrogen and Potassium for plants, including sensuously perfumed plumeria plants.

Article Author: Bob Walsh

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Pet Foods

By Laurelinda

Over the last four to five years, you may have seen such headlines as "Kroger Recalls Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk" and "Pet Food Recall: Melamine Found in Tainted Food". Many people's pets died or became ill before the contaminated foods were recalled.

Pet food manufacturing is often an offshoot of human food processing, serving as an efficient way to make use of by-products that might otherwise be discarded, but that means they're using parts that aren't "fit for human consumption". This may sometimes include dead or diseased animals, road kill or even euthanized animals that may still contain remnants of the euthanasia chemicals. Yuck! The euphemistic term for this is "meat by-product". Our pets are like family! How could we ever treat them this badly?

The same safety hazards exist in pet food processing that occur in human food processing. As companies try to "cut corners" in order to make profits in this sluggish economy, they may not be as careful with their safety practices, and as the FDA safety inspectors' budgets are cut, they are not able to stay on top of every possible infraction at every pet food company.

Besides staying aware of the companies, good and bad, if you want to make sure your pet is getting *quality* food, the most important thing to do is read the label. If "meat by-product" is listed as an ingredient, you probably want to drop that package and move on to the next. If the list includes simple words that are recognizable, like chicken, liver, rice, or oat bran, this is a good choice for your pet.

There are many organic pet foods out there also. Yes, they may cost a little more now, but a few cents spent now will probably save you many more dollars in vet bills later!

If you want to try a new brand of food, you should do some online research about the company to see what their website (if any) says about them, if they use sustainable practices for obtaining their ingredients, and whether people have had good or bad results when using their products.

An alternative to buying pre-processed pet food, if you have the time and energy to do it, is to make your own. This can give you peace of mind in knowing *exactly* everything that's going into it. This is also a green solution, better for the environment, as you could buy locally and thereby avoid huge shipping costs. There are many resources online devoted to this practice, as well as cookbooks and recipes available.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that each pet is different. For example, I have one cat with kidney problems who needs a high-carb/low-protein diet and another one who tends to be overweight, so she needs just the opposite, a high-protein/low-carb food. If you are trying to be a green family and trying out different foods, or think you might try making your own, be sure to consult your veterinarian who is familiar with your pet's metabolism. They may be able to make recommendations specific to your animal's breed and weight. One tip my veterinarian gave me was that pumpkin or squash baby food is a good *supplement* or treat for both my cats' diets, because it is high in fiber and good at "cleansing" their digestive systems. I found an organic option, and guess what? They both love it!

If you want to have a healthy family, remember that unhealthy foods for humans, like sugar and high-carb foods, are just as unhealthy if not more so for your pet. Sure, they may LOVE to share a bag of cheetos or lick up some ice cream, but they are just as prone to diabetes or tooth decay as we are.

For more ideas on going green, not just with pet care, but in ALL aspects of your life, be sure to take the EcoQuiz at GoingGreenToday and receive a list of ideas for a healthier and more cost-effective lifestyle!

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Natural Pet Store

If the notion of dogs wearing sunglasses conjures the image of a pampered, purse-riding Chihuahua wearing a Prada collar, think again. According to the American Veterinary Medical Society, ocular eye injury is a common occurrence in dogs. Canine eye injury can range from minor to severeand, most importantly, can often be prevented with protective eyewear.

It never occurred to me to protect my dogs eyes, dog-owner Betsy Banks says. In fact, whenever I saw a dog wearing sunglasses, I just assumed the owner was a little overly-invested in dog fashion. But experience changed my mind. My dog suffered from allergies, the vet prescribed an antihistamine, but I wanted to do what I could to prevent the problem. Thats when I hit the Internet, and discovered Doggles Now Trumans eyes are protected from pollen and other foreign bodieswhich helps prevent him from hurting himself by pawing itchy eyes later. The goggles can be found at its ad here on

Dog eye injury can range from mild to severe. Causes include exploring heavy vegetation, fights with other animals, projectiles such as fireworks and gunshot, and debris flying up from the road to strike the eyes of an enthusiastically sight-seeing dog. Excruciating and with the potential to affect vision, most eye trauma can be prevented.
I know its not safe for Truman to ride in the car unrestrainedeven though he adores hanging his head out the window, Banks says. Now we compromise. When fastened in his Mutt Gear Harness, seen here, Truman enjoys the fresh air from an open windowwhile wearing his Doggles.

Doggles are contoured goggles designed to comfortably fit the dogs face to protect the wearer from eye trauma and sun damage. The interchangeable shatterproof and anti-fog lenses make them suitable for daywhen the sun protection lenses provide 100 percent UV protectionand night, when the clear lenses protect your dog friend from eye trauma without impacting vision. The deep lens cup and wide nose bridge ensure canine comfort. Available in four sizes, for dogs ranging from one pound to 45+ pounds, Doggles feature and adjustable strap to ensure canine comfort. They are available from for .49 with flat-rate shipping of .75 per order, and FREE shipping for orders over 0.00. is a well-stocked online boutique featuring supplies selected by experienced dog care specialists. Purchasing from this popular outlet offers the buyer not only great products at great prices, but also promotes dog rescue and adoption. Mindful of the many benefits dog ownership offers, generously supports this cause. We are very proud to have partnered with Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue, Kyle Reimer Whole Pet executive states. This non-profit organization is devoted to rescuing and placing dogs for adoption, and we happily donate 5% of all sales that are made through the referral link at Big Hearts for Big Dogs. invites you to visit their website to purchase Doggles, as well as its other quality products. Have a question? Dont worry. Live representatives are available to chat online.


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Natural Balance Dog Food

Out of the many conveniences the internet has to offer, the convenience of being able to buy pet food from home is definitely a boon for pet owners. You no longer need to go over to a local pet store and carry sacks pet of food that may weigh more than 30 lbs! If you need dog food delivery to your doorstep, all you need to do is find a reliable online store. Once you have found one such store, you can browse its catalogue of pet foods, select the options you need, and make the payment. It is indeed as simple as it sounds. However, the tough part is making sure that your online pet food supplier is a credible one.

How to ensure smooth order and delivery of dog food

Before placing your order, you should have fundamental information related to online shopping as it will make the task a whole lot simpler. Here are some key points to remember.

  • Keep in mind that delivery of foods for pets can take from two days up to a week. Thus, your purchasing date should be planned accordingly. It might help you to order the whole month's supply of your dog's food as this will bring down delivery charges.
  • You can use any method of payment accepted by the online store from which you are buying. The accepted modes usually include credit card, PayPal account, and direct bank transfer. However, PayPal is considered to be the securest form of online payment as it has a reliable fraud prevention mechanism. If you are more comfortable with any other method, you may go ahead with it.
  • If you find that the product delivered to you is unsuitable for your pet, no need to worry; that's because most online pet food stores have a return policy. However, the precondition for this is that the goods should be returned within a specified period of time and more importantly, the product should be unused, undamaged and unopened. Upon returning the purchase, you will get a complete refund of the product's price but the delivery charges will have to borne by you.

It is advisable that you to explore the various pet supply stores in the online market before making the final pick. All leading online stores dedicated to pet food stock various popular brands such as Canidae, Innova, Wellness, EVO, Natural Balance, and many more.

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Pet Food Manufacturers

Most pet owners will want to make their animals as happy as possible. But what is the very best way of doing this? Well, animals are very much like us in a lot of ways; they have many similar needs and they will get pleasure in many of the same ways. If you apply this way of thinking when you are shopping for your pet then you are certainly heading in the right direction!

The golden rule of being a good pet owner is to understand the needs of your pet. After all, your role as an owner is to ensure that they are as happy as possible.

Here are a few of the basics to help start you off:

- Food.
We all love a good meal; especially when it is something that we really enjoy. Well, our pets will have favourite foods just like we do and it is our job to find out exactly what they are. Many different recipes are on offer out there and you can soon find out which ones they enjoy eating most of all. The only thing to bear in mind is that it is a suitable meal for your pet and it contains all of the necessary nutrients.

- Sleep.
Having a good doze is really important for animals as they have to recharge their batteries just like we do! And some dog or cat baskets will be far more comfortable than others. Have a good look around for a comfy bed. Modern suppliers of pet accessories will have plenty of different models for you to choose from. It shouldn't be too large, but it certainly shouldn't be cramped either.

- Travel.
Some animals love to spend time on the road, whilst others are really not that keen... However, buying the right travel basket for your pet can make all the difference to their comfort. Even home-loving cats or dogs will be a lot happier if they spend their journey in a nice comfortable travel cage.

- Grooming.
Most pets love to have a bit of fuss and grooming them is very much an extension of this. There are some great pet supplies these days that will help your pet to look their very best! After all, you wouldn't want to go out looking like you'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, would you? Just because a cat or dog is smaller than a person, it doesn't mean that they should put up with being scruffy!

- Toys.
Lots of animals will get a huge amount of pleasure from having a game. And it isn't all restricted to 'Fetch' with a rubber ball or a bit of stick these days either. Modern pet suppliers will have a brilliant selection of animal toys to choose from that will have your favourite pooch drooling at the mouth. Play is a natural instinct for most dogs and it is also a great way for them to bond with their owner(s).

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Nutrition For Dogs

Pet diet really matters. It's no good giving dogs just any old food. With dogs it's very much a case of one size doesn't fit all. First things first it's important to consider the size and breed of dog. Then its age. Puppies obviously need very different nourishment than senior dogs, who might require special supplements to keep them fit and healthy well into old age.Which is why when it comes to dog nutrition, it's best to speak to and buy from experts. Not just any old store or supermarket. Take Hills Pets for example. They appreciate just what dogs need from their pet diet. They stock a huge range so no matter type of dog people own, or however old their pet, they can find the right food for the animal quickly and easily.For the right balance of dog nutrition it's important to give them a mix of meat and dried food. Most dogs aren't fussy eaters, but it might take a bit of experimentation and mixing and matching to get them settled on something that they like and something that is good for them.There's no point in spoiling a dog with the food that people eat. It's not like they appreciate fine cuisine and the food might well be too rich for them. It will only put them off their dog food too. So it's a non starter for a number of different reasons.So to get their diet just right use the Hills Pets store to buy their food from. It's all specially blended and balanced to keep any kind of dog healthy at every stage of life. It's impossible for dog owners to go wrong when buying their food from Hills Pets. Which is why they are the most popular choice for dog owners throughout Sweden.

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Wellness Dog Food

Nutrition guide for dog is very important because through this you are able to know the proper food that will make your dog healthy. Dog nutrition is purely about nutrients. There are six families of nutrients and they are carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, water, proteins and minerals. A balanced diet is vital when it comes to the life span of your dog. Right balanced pet diets rises up the years of life of your dog. One of the hardest subjects to learn is the nutrition diet. Because dog are very active animals, they do eat a lot and they must have proper nutrition juts the same as human do.

Based from the nutrition guide, dog s diet is very essential than loving your dog. General dog nutrition is just similar to human nutrition, the more natural the most excellent one. If you are a pet owner you need to do the natural dog food recipes. Most of these foods are comprised of the six nutrients made in different proportions. The highest proportion is protein. The recipe must have a 40% of meat and the rest of the percentages are grains and vegetables. Aside from the natural dog food you might as well give your pet an organic dog food.

It is also observed that through these foods your dog can also have a longer life for this contain ingredients to boost the immune system of dogs. An organic diet is consists of several kinds of meat. If you provide your dog with fulfilling and harmless ways to pamper them, then you never have a problem about his eating habits.

If you totally love your pet it is much better that you know the foods that will make them healthy. Keep in mind that a responsible pet owner will feed his or her pet with nutritious food. If you do not have any idea about the right foods then better acquire the dog nutrition guide.

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Discount Dog Food

Here at we offer complete canine care for large dogs. We supply premium dog food at discount prices as well as being the one-stop-shop for owners of large dogs. With brands like Arden Grange, Barking Heads, Beta, Burns and Royal Canin dog food your large dog is guaranteed a treat each and every mealtime. Go online today for either Royal Canin dog food or any other of our high-quality large dog products like dog treats, dog beds, coats or accessories.Royal Canin dog food provides the exact nutritional supplements to keep your dog fit and healthy. After undertaking extensive research into the best way to support a large dogs dietary needs Royal Canin dog food emerged with a product that has been endorsed by leading veterinary schools and university research. Today, Royal Canin dog food continues to develop its unique product with input from experienced breeder and veterinarians worldwide.Royal Canin has a product that is ideal for large dogs. Here at we stock a range of Royal Cain dog food products at highly competitive prices. A twelve kilogram bag of Adult Boxer Royal Canin dog food is currently on special offer at just under forty one pounds and is specifically formulated for the needs of the breed of Boxer dogs.Royal Canin dog food is an essential ingredient in ensuring your Boxer maintains healthy muscle mass and supple joints as well as contributing to optimal heart function and good myocardial contraction and supporting cell defences through the exclusive combination of lycopene, polyphenols, green tea and vitamins which helps maintain vitality the older he gets.For the best way to take care of your large do you simply must visit As large dog owners and lovers why would you choose any other retailer?

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