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How To Make Rawhide Dog Bones

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it ok to give my dog rawhide dog bones?
    I know there is a lot of controversy whether dog bones are good or not. But would it be safe to give my 4 month old maltese these bones to bite on? She's a chewer and nothing seems hard enough to satisfy her biting. So is it ok or not? Your advise would be great. Thanks
    So if I gave her a bone straight from the animal it's safer/better?

    • ANSWER:
      I avoid them. They can have chemicals on them (some don't but some do). If a dog was to swallow a chunk it could become a blockage since rawhide is not digestible.
      Antlers and bully sticks are better option. Antlers last forever with most dogs and thick bully sticks last a couple days and my dog is also a chewer. You can get bully sticks and antlers here

      EDIT: Bones straight from the animal is fine as long as they are raw. Do not feed weight baring bones of large animals (cown, pigs etc). They are hard and can crack a dogs teeth. Edible bones (turkey, lamb and anything smaller) are just that. Edible. But they are not great chewing toys because they don't last long. My dog eats bones in a matter of minutes.

    What is good mixture to marinate a rawhide dog bone in?
    I'd like to start marinating store bought rawhide bones for my dog. Does anybody know of a healthy and tasty concoction?
    Thank you, I appreciate your advice. And the more I researched the more i found that out myself. I have an English Mastiff who is 6 months old and already over 100 pounds. I'm looking for a good longlasting treat that will keep him busy for hours.

    • ANSWER:
      Rawhides are already dangerous for dogs because of how often they cause blockages. I can only imagine what marinating, and thereby softening, would do to a rawhide. The dog would be able to swallow huge chunks and you'd have even more of a chance of a blockage - which sometimes requires surgery to save the dog's life. I think this is a horrible idea.

      Edit - A couple of ideas for your mastiff puppy - get a large size kong and stuff it - it'll keep him busy for a long time. Also, give him raw beef knuckle (or whole shin) bones to chew - that will be great for keeping his teeth clean!

    Does anyone know how to make rawhide dog bone?
    Not the biscuits dog bone...the ones made of rawhide.

    • ANSWER:
      No - but rawhide is bad for dogs as they can't digest it.

    How long will a Bichon puppy chew?
    We have a Bichon puppy who is now 9 months old. He still chews anything he can get. We provide chew toys, rawhide bones, real dog bones, etc. He chews hard things as well as soft things like throw rugs and socks. When will this end?

    • ANSWER:
      Probably never. If your dog is naturally a hard chewer, he'll be that way.

      I suggest avoiding rawhides and smoked bones. They pose a choking hazard and are not 100% digestible. Instead, try moo tubes and bullysticks. They're great!

    At what age can you start giving your dogs rawhide bones?
    I have a Siberian husky puppy and a Siberian husky adult dog. I have been giving the adult dog bones since i got him, but im not sure what his actual age was. I dont want my baby pup to choke by giving it to her too young, so what is the appropriate age that you can give a dog a bone?

    • ANSWER:
      Read this article and you will see why rawhide, greenies etc are bad for dogs


      Rawhide causes injuries and obstructions that can only be corrected with surgery or can cause death.

    Where is the best place to find some dog rawhide bones in bulk, for the cheapest price possible.?
    Our dogs go through a lot of bones. We are trying to keep them from chewing on other things. So far so good. But it gets a bit costly buying dog bones for 3 dogs (soon to be 4) that chew almost none stop. I would like to buy them in bulk like 100 or so at once. (I would prefer 6-7" rawhide bones) If anyone knows let me know. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      That much rawhide is not good for a dog. You're better off to buy natural bones from a butcher... the dogs don't destroy them as fast either. Too much rawhide can cause major problems in dogs.

      I don't know where you live, but Publix grocery store sells dog bones (real bones not rawhide) right by the meat counter.

    When can you start giving a puppy/dog dog bones from the pet store?
    I was just wondering what age is safe for a dog to be given a dog bone, raw hide, pigs ear etc. My puppy is 3 and a half months and I'm assuming it's still too early but I want to know when I can buy him a bone to give him as a treat and to keep him busy because he gets bored with his plastic toys in about 5 minutes.

    • ANSWER:
      I gave my puppy bones and rawhide treats since she was about 9 to 10 weeks old. Just be careful with pig ears because of the sharp corners. My puppy loves to eat Nylabones. They are soft and chewy and they love to eat them.

    How can I make rawhide bones more flavorful for my dogs?
    I have this really big rawhide bone and I have two chihuahuas. They don't really eat it and I think because it doesn't have a lot of flavor. The bone is as big as they are.. Could they be intimidated by it? What can I do to make it more tasty for them?

    • ANSWER:
      Its a good thing your dogs don't like the rawhide bone.

      Rawhide isn't good for dogs. They are only ok for them to chew on. You don't want your dog to eat it.

      With rawhide once a dog chews on it it softens up and when they swallow it it hardens in tehir stomach which can lead to obstruction or blockage.

      Look for a treat/bone that states on the package that it 100% digestible. My dog loves the rollover bones.

    What are your feelings on Rawhide bones?
    My dogs go nuts. I have had to actually ban them from my house! They will fight and bite each other over them. No other problems with food toys or attention in fact they eat together twice a day, (80pds, 10pds,and 7pds) no aggression. What is rawhide? Dog crack?
    What is rawhide... was retorical. Greenies are even worse!
    I am shocked that no one has mentioned that formaldahyde is used as rawhide preservative in some countries.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't give them to my dogs, but not because they fight over them. (Actually, it was kind of funny in the days when I did let them have chewies to watch the elaborate tricks they tried to play on each other to steal the other one's toy.)

      My objection to them is that if the dog bites off a big chunk, it can become an intestinal obstruction or a choking hazard. Also, a few years ago, there was a problem with imported chewies carrying a virus. That's when I stopped letting my dogs have them.

      A funny dog story about rawhides:

      My street-smart old Husky/shepherd cross Max desperately wanted a chewie that my search dog Cody had. Nothing was working until Max suddenly ran to the back door, barking his head off. Naturally, Cody dropped his toy to see what was going on. . .and Max snuck back into the livingroom and grabbed it.

      Cody was steamed when he figured out that he'd been had, so he waited a minute and then ran to the back door, barking like a maniac. Max continued to chew on the bone, and eventually, poor Cody stuck his head around the door with this, "Hey, this isn't how it's supposed to work!" look.

      I swear that ornery old Max gave him an evil "Who do you think taught you that trick, DUMMY!" grin!

    What are the perfect treats for large dogs?
    Dog lovers I need your advice: I have a 1 yr old lab and I'm looking for the perfect dog treat to keep him happy/occupied for awhile. I give him full size rawhide bones from Target and they used to keep him occupied; now he can chew the end off of one in 1/2 hour and he's bored. Looking for some inexpensive LARGE dog bones, but those things cost around + EACH! Any suggestions on some discount treats, etc??

    • ANSWER:
      You can always buy a "Kong" for large dogs and they make stuff you stuff inside and it keeps the dog busy becuase they try and try to get the treat out and it's not easy at all. They sell them at petsmart petco and walmart.

    What can I give my dog other then rawhide bones?
    My 2 year old matlese has recently started getting sick. I took her to the vet and she was put on some antacids and I was told to keep rawhides away from her. My dog LOOOOVES bones and seems to be bored tonight without having one to chew on. What can I give her to replace the bones? She has plenty of toys and always ignores her kong. I bought a rope but it only entertains her for a few minutes. help please!

    • ANSWER:
      Try Virbac CET chews - my little dachshunds love them.
      They dissolve rather than swell and block intestines and throats, they're made in the U.S., and they have an enzyme that cuts down on tartar build up on dog's teeth.

      Get the petite size for your maltese and break it into pieces - she'll love them and they'll help keep her teeth clean.

      One of my dogs got an intestinal problem from bacteria on rawhide, my vet also said never to give them to dogs,so I switched to CET chews, you can get them on ebay or do a search on amazon.com for the lowest prices - that's how I get them.

    are bones good for a pitbull ? and when should he start eating it?
    i got two pitbull dogs
    male = 11 months
    female=4 months
    my question is are bones good for them ? and can i fed my female dog bones ?

    • ANSWER:
      Raw bones are safe, will not splinter and properly sized will not cause choking. Raw bones are superior to any manufactured "bone" such as rawhide (often bleached, choking hazard) or nylabones (small pieces break off and are ingested) when it comes to keeping teeth clean and healthy. Cooked bones are dangerous and need to be avoided.

    how oftern can you give a rawhide bone?
    How often can you give a dog a rawhide bone?

    • ANSWER:
      I give my dogs rawhide bones on a daily basis. They make for a great frustration reliever and they clean their teeth too. While some dogs do not do well with any form of rawhide, others are safe chewers and they handle these bones just fine. I have been giving my dogs rawhide their and my whole life, and have never had an issue.
      If your dog is a "gulper" or "inhaler" try bully sticks or another form of chew which may be safer.

      Just remember, ALL chew bones carry some risk, so treat responsibly and ALWAYS supervise.

    which specific brand of rawhide bones do you feed your dogs?
    i just got a little husky puppy and she seems to be teething, chewing table legs, the sofas, chair legs, and my other dog. we got her rawhide bones today but they were a bit expensive. do you people use specific rawhide bones or is it just any brand? also im going to need to get ones small enough for the puppy, and i guess another size for my adult golden retriever.
    btw i have read its bad to give your dogs rawhide bones, do you believe this or is it okay to give them to the dogs?


    • ANSWER:
      Rawhides ARE bad. They don't digest well and can cause blockages, sometimes needing surgery.

      Plus, they're treated with bleach, arsenic, and tons of other chemicals. Not something I'd give to my dog!

      Try offering nylabones, cow hoof, or cow ankle. Those are better.

    Why cant you give the purina busy bone ultimate dog bone to dogs under 55 pounds?
    I bought my dog a bone that says not to give to adult dogs under 55 pounds and not to give to dogs less than 1 year old. It looks like a rawhide but its not. What would happen if i gave it to my 45 pound 10 month old pit bull?

    • ANSWER:
      Might give them diarrhea due to the large quantity of food you are giving, but that's about it.

      The weight is a recommendation based on the manufacturer opinion of what is appropriate.

      Since some puppies have special dietary requirements, giving a treat not balanced for puppies could contribute to growth problems. This is not a concern if given once, but could be a problem for some puppies if given regularly.

      Basically, the company is trying to make sure they dont get sued.

    Is there a dog toy that will not rip?
    Are there any toys aside from rawhide bones that can stand up to an 8 month old puppy?
    He is really good and does not chew our things but loves toys and anything I have bought he rips to shreds within 2 days.

    • ANSWER:
      Kongs are great, as well as pig hoofs on ropes.

      Soft toys can be ripped, desqueeked and swallowed, so you need to be careful about giving those.

      I do buy clean used stuffed toys at the Goodwill for my guys, but make sure they have no plastic noses or eyes that can be chewed off and swallowed. If I get toys for 50 cents, or 2.- a bag, I don't mind if they get destroyed in a few days.

    just bought my puppy dog an bone for family dollar now bone was red blood looking stuff on it HELP?
    Hi, I just bought my dog an bone from Family Dollar. Well I came home gave it to him and now there is red stuff on it. It looks as if it's blood and he wont open his mouth for me he is a kinda aggressive. PLease help.

    • ANSWER:
      Some dogs are very aggressive chewers when it comes to rawhide and dog bones. If it looks red...it's the dog's blood. Many dogs will continue to chew a bone even after they have cut or scratched their gums with it (which is where the blood is coming from). Since you have noticed that your puppy gets the bone bloody, you should wait until he/she is older to give them a bone to chew on. Plus your puppy probably still has some puppy teeth and that could also be causing the bleeding. Unless you got a puppy bone for your puppy to chew on...I'd wait until he/she's older or until you see the puppy teeth are gone.

      This happens to my dogs from time to time. If I notice that what they're chewing on becomes red, I take it away from them. Give their mouth a chance to heal over from the abrasion the bone caused and if you feel comfortable, give it back to the dog...but watch them.

    What would happen if a human consumed rawhide bones meant for dogs?
    What would happen if a human consumed rawhide bones meant for dogs?

    • ANSWER:
      Glad you asked. There are no effects on humans other than exercising your jaw bones for awhile. If you find yourself barking at the mailman or digging up the yard, I'd see a Vet, just to see if you can qualify for a pet insurance health plan.

      Best wishes

    Can a rawhide bone make my dog have bowel trouble?
    Gave her a rawhide bone, shes constantly chewing it, and shes now having accidents in the house..BAD ones...

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it definately can. Rawhides aren't good to give dogs. They can cause diarreha, constipation,vomiting, choking hazzards and bowel obstruction./blockages. Also many have been chemically treated. so can otherwise make your dog ill.

    How can i stop my Beagle from digging in house plants?
    my beagle has taken to liking to dig in the house plants. it is to cold to take her out for walks or to play since it has been in the negatives lately and she gets cold easy. we also give all my dogs rawhide bones since my cocker spaniel used to chew things. i know she is bored but i give her toys, bones and i play with her alot yet when im not looking she digs in the plants. how can i stop her

    • ANSWER:
      When my cats wanted to use my large potted plants as litterboxes I put bricks in the pots on top of the dirt. I imagine it would work for a digging dog, too. Might not help but sure won't hurt!

    what toy should i give my german sheperd?
    i give her rawhide bones but she finishes them in one night. the kong toys don't work she doesn't like them. i can't find anything! she's starting mess around with my stuff. and getting very very very bored.

    • ANSWER:
      Please don't give your dog rawhide bones... They are dehydrated and when they swell up with moisture in the intestines, they can lead to major blockages. You could have to take your dog for surgery after getting blocked by a rawhide chew or bone. Tennis balls are bad too. When a dog gets a tennis ball all wet and chews on it, the glue that keeps the yellow fuzz on the ball gets acidic and eats the enamel off the dog's teeth leading to tooth decay and rot. Stick to dog toys.

    What is a good chew toy for my German Shepherd?
    He loved rawhide bones but I hear they are not good for him. Any close substitute?

    • ANSWER:
      Too many Rawhides can be bad because they will twist up and can block the bowels. Kongs are good, but also look at the bones at places like petsmart and petco. They have some at petco that are like , and they last forever. Petsmart as some that are and a bit bigger. I have had both for over a yr and my dogs still chew on them all the time.

    What materials are used in dog chew toys?
    For a project I am doing it would be helpful to know what materials are used to make basic dog chew bones. I know it's rubber of some sort but what kind.

    Thanks for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      there are alot of materials from Nyla, Rubber, Rawhide, Zogoflex ( wich is a brand and a material), Nylon, Canvas, and other composite materials or if your wondering the most common material as in BASE material then the problem is most chew toys are synthetic and if they are a plastic or rubber of any kind its base product would then be Oil

    Why are dogs obsessed with burying bones?
    My dog is 12 years old. When she was younger, we would buy her rawhide dog bones, which she would absolutely tear apart and eat. Nowadays, though, all she does is hide them (or "bury" them) throughout the house.

    It's absolutely adorable, but I wonder why. The only time she's REALLY energetic is when she's absolutely determined to bury her bone. She's constantly on the move, searching every inch of the house for the perfect hiding spot, and doesn't give up until it's out of sight.


    • ANSWER:
      I'm pretty sure it's because of how territorial most dogs are and they feel the need to protect the bone kind of like a squirrel with acorns and they get excited of getting something new and finding a hiding spot for it so no body can find it and take it away from them.

    What are the best kind of bones to give your dog for chewing and keeping there teeth clean.?
    What is better for your dog, sterilized bones that your can buy at Pet Smart, or a raw knuckle bone from the butcher.

    If you get a raw bone is it better to boil it for several minutes before you give it to the dog or let her chew on it raw?

    I'm wondering if cooked or sterilized bones are harder on the teeth? Could they wear down the dogs teeth?

    Also I'm concerned that the sterilized bones have chemicals in them since they look so white.

    I have been giving my dog Nylabones and wonder if it would be better to just stick with that kind of bone?

    • ANSWER:
      I have been raising and training dogs for over five years now. All of my dogs have enjoyed treated cow bones. These bones have not been bleached , but have been slow heated to remove any harmful bacteria. If those are to hard for you dog you can use a variety of compost bone. Which include Nylabones, corn starch bones, etc. Please avoid bones made with rawhide. these bones can become gummy and get stuck in your dogs throat which causes choking. also these bones do not break down so they are hard to digest. I have also had problem with greenes in small dogs and puppies. These bones I found out do not break down easily in dogs stomachs causing blockage. They also break off in large pieces which has caused choking in one of my puppies. Over all the safest bone is the kind you are already using or an all natural slow heat beef bone. No pork of Chicken. these bones splitter and cause problems. I hope this helps.

    Which of this could be the reason for my bulldogs diarrhea?
    My 7 month old english bulldog has had diarrhea for 3 days. We ususally feed her the Parena hard dog food but we decided to give her a Parena canned one. Also he's been chewing grass like crazy. And he recently has chewed up two Raw hide dog bones In the course of probably two days. Could any of these be the cause of his sickness?

    • ANSWER:
      It could very well be the rawhide bones that did this. Unless the rawhide was made in the USA, I feel they can actually be dangerous. Salmonella, bacteria, and chemicals are common to imported rawhides. Canned food has a higher water content than dry-it's possible that the canned food caused the diarrhea-is she still on it? Switch her back to the dry when she is better, in the meantime, boil some chicken or hamburger and mix it with plain brown rice and oatmeal for a few days to lighten the load on her system. You may want to consider a better food, as well. Purina is not a healthy food for a dog, and after spending so much to obtain your Bulldog, I'm sure you feel that she's worth enough to feed a high quality food. Just a few brands to consider: Innova, California Naturals, Prairie, Wellness, Merrick, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, Solid Gold.

    How do I stop my dog from being protective of her food?
    She's not protective of her everyday dog food, but she's protective of everything else. Rawhide bones, toys, wet dog food, etc. She used to be protective of her everyday food, but she got over that.

    She's a 10 year old Lab mix who we got as a puppy from the pound. She is fine when it comes to my other dog near her food, but not people. How do I fix this?

    ps - I don't want to get professional help if I can avoid it.
    She doesn't ever actually play with toys anymore, so that's not really an issue.

    • ANSWER:
      Always make sure there is food in her bowl twenty-four seven. When you can, feed her by hand and make it appear as if it is your food from your mouth that you are sharing with her. With her toys and bones don't ever play aggressively with them and her, she will fight you for them. We have always had Lab's that is the nature of the beast. If you turn your back on her and refuse to speak to her or even to look at her she will begin to understand. Don't yell don't smack Lab's are more needy than small children.

    what exactly is a rawhide bone?
    I been giving my dog these rawhide bones that he loves, but what exactly is a rawhide?

    • ANSWER:
      Rawhide is just exactly what it says, a raw dried out animal hide. This includes not only the rawhide bones & chews but also pig ears, pig snouts, bull tails, cow ears, lamb ears, choo-hooves, etc.

      A piece of rawhide purchased as a treat for your pet is a hide, usually bull, cow or horse obtained from slaughter houses, that has been scraped clean of all vestiges of meat, fat and hair. Rawhide, however, can be made from just about any animal. For Native Americans and early Europeans, it was the sheet metal, nails and binding material of the day. Rawhide was used to repair items such as horse gear and broken gunstocks. It was used in cabin construction as door hinges, windows and truss bindings and Mandan Indians used rawhide in the construction of their boats. As you can see, rawhide is a very strong, durable, heavy-duty item that does not easily break down.

      How it's made ********

      Rawhide is made for commercial use from bull, cow and horsehides obtained from slaughterhouses as a byproduct of the meat industry. The flesh side is scraped clean of all remaining meat, membrane, fat, etc. Traditionally this is done by hand, using a drawknife and scraper. Modern day tanneries use a form of a band saw to speed the process up and make a nice clean piece of leather. Commercial manufacturers of rawhide products have machinery to do this. Once the flesh side is cleaned, the hair must be removed. There are two traditional ways of doing this. One is to “dry scrape” by hand. This is extremely time consuming, not to mention the amount of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease! Commercial makers of rawhide do not use this method.

      The other method is to soak the fleshed hide in either an Ash-Lye solution or a Lime solution. The Ash-Lye involves covering or soaking the hide in a mixture of wood ash and water, which creates Lye. The hide soaks for approximately. 3 days in the Lye solution, then as much of the hair as possible is scraped off. The process is repeated until all hair is removed.

      The Lime solution is the quickest and most often utilized by manufacturers. This utilizes ordinary builders powdered (hydrated) Lime. The hide soaks for 1-3 days and the hair is scraped off. This process is highly caustic but the most efficient for mass production.

      To remove all traces of the Lime solution and to sanitize the rawhide product, commercial makers then rinse the hides in a bleach solution before creating whatever shape is to be used. The bone and other shapes used to attract you and your pet are created while the hide is still wet. The “treats” are then either dried or sent for “smoking” to further entice the unsuspecting owner and pet. A processed rawhide can shrink up to half its original size when dried.

      When rawhide is again wetted, usually when your pet salivates over this chew you have provided, it will slowly regain its original size. When your pet tears off and swallows a piece, that piece then has the potential to swell inside your dog’s stomach. Your dog’s gastric juices WILL NOT break down the rawhide. Once swollen, the piece then has the potential to cause anything from mild to severe gastric upset, to death.

      Take the rawhide challenge. Cut varying sizes from different rawhide products and set them in a bowl of water to soak before going to bed. In the morning you will see the sizes that they have grown to. They will vary, but the increase should be noticeable.

      Feel free to read this link http://www.k911.biz/Petsafety/RawhideandChewyTreats.htm

      Rawhide also can have sharp edges which can cause injuy to the esophagus, stomach and digestive tract as well as cause obstructions, all of which can cause death if not corrected and or removed by surgery.

    Is giving my black lab dogs rawhide bones good for them? and how often should they have them?
    I have two black labs and they are about 2 years old now and they love to chew, so I have been giving them rawhide bones. I noticed they eat right through them, and I wasn't sure if they should be having the bones daily and if this causes them to chew more?

    • ANSWER:
      No! Rawhide (especially too much of it) is *very* dangerous for your dogs. They can't digest the rawhide, so it sits in their stomachs and as soon as more rawhide comes in, it all starts to clump together. Before you know it, one of them has a blockage and the clump needs to be surgically removed before the dog dies. NOT GOOD!

      Try bully sticks (also known as bull pizzles), they are a little more pricey but they last longer, don't tear off in huge chunks, and are digestible. Your dogs will love them, I promise!

    Is it good to feed dogs any type of bone?
    Some people prefer to feed there dogs any kind of bone...Although others prefer to feed there dogs only milk bones. Is it bad to feed regular bones to dogs?

    • ANSWER:
      Raw meaty bones are GREAT to feed to dogs. Especially the non weight baring bones like chicken back, chicken necks and wings, but they have to be fresh and raw.
      Please read this site on Myths about raw feeding because I had all three of my dogs on a raw diet for months. I went back to commercial food which was never in the recall and feed partial raw. Raw meaty bones are great for their teeth. One of my dogs had a history of pancreatitis pre-dating raw diet. On the raw diet, neither she nor any of my other dogs had any problems whatsoever. On the contrary, one of the reason her last bout of pancreatitis had occurred before raw diet, was due to eating rawhides and greenies and swallowing large chunks of them.
      The rawhides and other real animal products you buy in the store that have been preserved and dried are full of bacteria and some are preserved with formaldehyde. They are far more dangerous.
      Chicken bones like chicken backs, necks and wings are not bad for dogs at all IF RAW. It is the cooked bones that splinter and can cause injury. Cooked bones of any kind.
      I had a German Shepherd dog that broke a canine tooth on one of those large preserved real beef leg bones from pet stores.

    Is a rawhide bone considered a chew toy or a snack?
    If I give my dog one of these bones will this be considered a snack for him or a chew toy?

    • ANSWER:

    Is beefhide basically the same as rawhide when it comes to dog bones?
    I heard that rawhides were not safe for dogs & just wandered if beefhide is the same.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Yellow!!

      Rawhide this treat is popular because it is inexpensive, but rawhide can be treated with a variety of chemicals, including arsenic. The biggest problem with rawhide is that it can cause intestinal blockages.

      Beefhide these are excellent. They're beefhide strips, flavored with poultry and beef digest, and laced with the C.E.T. enzymes that help get the plaque out. The mechanical action coupled with the enzymes helps keep the teeth clean. But of all the things you can get for your dog, this is one of the best. Be sure to monitor your dog for choking, though.

      The best way to utilize to your dog (beefhide treat) daily, as an extra added protection for your teeth.

      Also look article : http://www.askedweb.com/askedweb/Dog_Treats/ - Dog Treats for Dog
      Jason Homan

    What is better for dogs, natural bones or rawhide?
    I now rawhide is not good for their stomach and all that, so I've been buying natural bones from the butcher. But the natural bones seem fatty (not good for their heart?), and my dog chews so much, I don't think it could be good for his teeth.

    So I guess the question is, which one is least harmful for a dog?
    My dog chews on the bones forever and nothing ever splinters... they're too hard for him, the most I've ever seen is little teeth marks in the bones, but he's never gotten a piece off.

    • ANSWER:
      Natural bones are better, as long as you get big cow bones and feed them raw. As you know, rawhides can cause many problems for dogs. I've heard tons of horror stories about dogs being rushed to the emergency vet after swallowing some...

      I would also look into trying some Bully Sticks. They're safer than rawhide and they're very tasty. My dog loves them.

    How can I stop my 9 month old male chiuahuah from chewing everything in sight?
    I have giving him toys, rawhide bones etc. and he still wants to chew. He has put a hole in my couch and chewed on the throw rugs. His sister who is a year old doesn't chew. I work but I still take them out for long walks in the morning and night.

    • ANSWER:
      try spraying some "bitter apple" on your furniture or wherever your dog is chewing..most dogs will hate the taste of it and stop chewing on that item. Also, when you are not home you should crate him so he cannot get your items and destroy them.

    What type of bones or chews do you recommend?
    I have fed my dogs a few different kinds but we mainly do rawhide because our dogs love them. I know rawhide may not be the healthiest for them so I was curious as to what you all prefer to give your dogs.
    I do have kong balls for them already and they love them but mainly for the treat inside. lol.
    Thanks to all who recommended new things I am looking up on the bully sticks and the raw meaty bones.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, rawhide is bad news. Along with socks, it is one of the most common causes of blockages requiring surgery. Surgery that is both risky and expensive, so get rid of those things.

      I suggest bully sticks and RAW ( yes, raw...not cooked) marrow bones from the butcher as an alternative. The marrow can give some dogs the runs when they first eat them since marrow if very rich, so you might not want to let him have it for too long on his first sitting.

      Here is a good article discussing the dangers of rawhide, as well as some safer alternatives:


    What is rawhide in dog bones?
    What is rawhide? What is it made of?

    • ANSWER:
      Rawhide is exactly that Raw cowhide. Its the skin of the animal. They use the meat for humans, The leftover guts for dog and cat food, and the bones and skin are for chewing raw hides. Be careful of the rawhide you buy in grocery stores. Its most likely soaked in formaldehyde. Get your hide from a professional Pet store where the products are guaranteed. Just about every single part of the animal is used for something or another. Even the cow hooves. Dogs think those are way yummy.

    What are some recommendations for senior maltese treat dispensers?
    We are trying to keep our 13yr old maltese occupied when we are out of the house so that he doesn't get himself into any more trouble/trash. We used to give him bones/rawhides for small dogs, but his teeth are not as strong as they used to be and he would try to swallow bigger pieces of the bone than he could handle. Any idea on treats that will keep him occupied for a long period of time that are still gentle on his mouth/teeth? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    What is the weird squishy bloody looking stuff inside my dog's rawhide bone?
    My dog has a (Chicken flavored) rawhide bone I recently bought from walmart. She bit off one of the ends of the bone, and revealed a hollow inside filled with smelly, squishy stuff that looks kind of like animal guts...what the heck is it?? And is it safe for my dog to have that bone still?

    • ANSWER:
      They make rawhide bones with this red, soft, "meaty" like stuff either wrapped in with the rawhide layers or some have it as stuffing inside the bone. One of the brands is Dingo. Was it one of those kind of rawhide bones?? If so, it's a treat made for dogs. Not a great treat, but a treat. Kind of like those processed red, soft meaty snausage treats & chop-shaped dog treats.

    What items are safe for a dog or puppy to chew on?
    I have learned that rawhide is bad for dogs. I need to find products that are safe for chewing. My dog likes the "Healthy Edibles" bones and "Busy Bone". What other products are safe for her to chew and eat? I don't want to use actual real bones, so any other suggestions would be wonderful.
    She doesn't like Kong or the non-edible nylabones. She will not chew on them and she hates peanut butter. I used pumpkin on the kong and she won't chew it, just lick it.

    • ANSWER:
      Now that the weather is nicer, I've been buying the raw knuckle (real) bones from my butcher, and my dog LOVES to enjoy them outside in the yard. I know they are not "nice" for us humans to touch (or even look at), and I understand not wanting them in the house, but if your dog likes to spend some time outside then this is an excellent bone for the yard.

      Nylabones are also great. Bully sticks are amazing, a little pricey but very safe (natural), and very enjoyable for most dogs.

      The problem with rawhide, greenies, and a lot of the packaged chewing products (like Busy Bone) is that the dog can't digest them easily, and they have been known to clump up and cause blockages in dogs' systems. My vet had some horror stories about those.

    Is it okay to give my dog a ham bone?
    My mom makes ham on Thanksgiving. Is it okay to give my dog the bone from it? She's a beagle/basset if that makes a difference...thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      As much as dogs love real bones, it just isn't worth it. Anything that comes apart in pieces can be dangerous. Even without splinter or chunks to choke on, bones are very hard on dogs' teeth. Some day i am going get a picture on my 13 year old Labs teeth. She has never had any real bones and her teeth are still in very good shape.

      The pet stores are full of toys that many dogs will quickly chew up into
      pieces they could choke on or cause intestinal blockages. If you are not
      there to watch, stick to sturdy stuff such as Nylabones and Kongs. Keep a
      close eye on chew toys and quickly discard anything that is coming apart in
      pieces. Rawhide is especially bad because it swells after being swallowed.
      These problems are the worst with, but not limited to, large, aggressive
      chewers such as Labs.

      Ropes from the pets' store quickly turn to hazardous shreds. Ones I made
      lasted much better. Go to a hardware or home center that sells rope by the
      foot. Buy 2' of 3/4" poly rope. Melt the ends, and tie knots in it. Get
      them as tight as possible, put it in a vise and pound it with a hammer. Watch
      carefully, and be ready to discard when it comes apart.

    How do I get stains out of my microfiber couch?
    My dog chewed her rawhide bone on my dark couch and it left white marks all over. The cleaner that came with the couch didn't work, and I really don't want to call a professional. Please help! Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      I use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. It gets almost any stain out.:)

    Are rawhide bones good or bad for dogs?
    I have heard that rawhides are good for dogs and i have also heard that they are bad for dogs. Which is it? What is bad about them?

    • ANSWER:
      Rawhides are great for teeth, but can also be very dangerous when injested in pieces. They are very difficult for the dog to digest even in small pieces.
      I would opt for something like Greenies, or a rubber chew toy that is not designed to be broken/swallowed.
      All toys and chews should be supervised. I do give my dogs rawhides. I watch them while they eat them. They are the type to soften and chew - if they broke off pieces and ate them, I absolutely would not give them rawhides.

    Is it normal for a dog to chew bones like this?
    My 15month old dog loves chew bones, nylabones actually (never give rawhide bones and things like that) it is definitely his favorite thing to do. I noticed since he was a puppy that he would chew his bones and a lot of the time he would tilt his head back so the bone goes back as far as possible and then chew it. I just associated it with teething thinking his back gums were sore.

    He still does this now, he doesn't chew like that all the time, but once and a while. I've had several dogs and none of them ever did this... Is this normal?

    I'm just concerned his gums may be sore, but the vet had checked him and says everything is okay?

    thanks for the fast responses. It makes me feel better to know others have had the same experience with their pooches.

    • ANSWER:
      my two year old mini dachshund has done this since she was a puppy, and same thing, the vet said nothing was wrong with her teeth. so I'm gonna go ahead and say its normal, cause now that I'm not alone too your question actually helped me!

    Do the rawhide bones from stores hurt dogs?
    My husband wants to give rawhide bones to our dogs - they are about 60 - 85 pound pets. Will they hurt them? I have been told it is not a good thing to do.

    • ANSWER:
      They can hurt dogs because they can bind up a dog's digestive system.
      A much better alternative is Bully Sticks.

    Can I give my 3 month old pup dog rawhide bones?
    Rawhides with flavoring. He is a golden doodle.

    • ANSWER:

    Can my puppy eat dog bones yet?
    Im not sure if i should let her eat dog bones yet because shes still a puppy. Is it ok? or safe?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I don't know how old your puppy is but usually they have very sensitive tummys and get diarhea easily with things like that. I really would stay away from bones or rawhide type things while they are young. I would give them a small kong type toy or nylabone to chew on. Knuckle bones can be ok for older dogs...but in my experience...some of my dogs have cracked off small pieces of them pretty fast so I am shying away from them too. but whatever you do decide...please NEVER give your dog chicken, pork, turkey bones of any kind...or cooked bones...they are soft and splinter easily in their intestines. I work for a vet and have seen enough very sick dogs in my time from that...sometimes it can be fatal. Good Luck with your Pup!

    How do I get my 1 year old dog to stop chewing up everything in the backyard?
    My dog is about 1 year old, he's a german shepard mix and he will chew up everything he can get his hand on outside. Shoes, ropes, cans, his own bed, my hammock. How do get him to stop?

    • ANSWER:
      Chewing, ripping, shredding, tearing up and generally destroying stuff is as normal for dogs as tail-wagging. If you have a dog, expect chewing. Provide him with his own toys and teach him to use them or he will destructively chew anything available, such as your furniture, carpet, clothing or shoes.
      Dogs do not chew and destroy your house and belongings because they are angry, jealous or spiteful. They do it because they are dogs. They may be lonely, bored, frustrated or anxious, but they are not malicious, vindictive or petty. Active dogs can become restless when left alone for long periods. If you always come home at a certain time and you are late, your dog may become anxious. Your dog does not punish you for being late by destructive chewing. The dogs' chewing is a form of occupational therapy to relieve stress and release energy. If you come home and find that your dog has destroyed something, do not punish the dog.

      Passive Training to Prevent Chewing Problems
      Until your dog can be trusted not to destroy your home and yard, do not give him free, unsupervised run of your house. Give him a pleasant area or room of his own where he can enjoy himself and relax when you are not home or are unable to supervise him. Literally litter his room with a wide variety of toys. Since he will have no other choice of things to chew, he will learn to chew and play with his own toys. Make the toys enticing. Soak rawhide and long marrow bones in different flavored soups. Let them dry and give a different flavor to the dog each time you leave him alone. Sterilized marrow bones and Kong toys can be stuffed with liver treats or cheese. The dog will be entertained for hours trying to extricate the treats from the toy. Bury these toys in the dog's digging pit.
      Active Training to Prevent Destructive Chewing
      When you are home, take time to teach your dog to play with her toys and to seek them out whenever she feels like chewing. Always lavish your dog with praise every time you see her playing with or chewing on one of her toys. Teach your dog to "find" her toys. Scatter several toys in different rooms throughout the house. Tell her to "find it," then immediately lead her from room to room encouraging her to pick up a toy when she sees one. When she does so, reward with praise, affection, play and even a food treat, then continue the game.
      Anticipation Chewing
      Most destructive chewing occurs just before the owner returns home. The dog is anxiously anticipating the owner's return and this energy is released by chewing. You can prevent your dog from indiscriminately chewing whatever is handy and instead chew her own toys. Whenever you return home, insist that your dog greet you with a toy in her mouth. At first you will have to help her by telling her to "find" her toy. Do not give your usual home coming greeting until she has a toy firmly in her mouth. Within a few days, your dog will realize that you never say hello unless she has a toy in her mouth. Now when your dog starts anticipating your return, she will automatically begin looking for a toy with which to gain your greeting and approval when you do return. If a toy is already in her mouth, she will be likely to chew on it, rather than on the furniture, to release tension.
      Chewing Deterrents
      If you catch your dog in the act of chewing a forbidden item, you can sternly scold her with a verbal warning. Immediately direct your dog to one of her own toys and praise her for chewing it. This will teach your dog not to chew forbidden items when you are present, but it probably will not discourage the dog from investigating these items when you are not there. The only way to prevent your dog from chewing these things is to make them inherently unattractive. There are many products in pet stores that are designed to apply to furniture, etc that are safe but repulsive to dogs. Why chew on something that is boring, distasteful or unpleasant when there are plenty of fun, exciting and tasty things to chew on?
      Common Sense and Chewing
      By far the simplest way to keep your dog from chewing on forbidden items is to prevent access to them. Put your shoes in the closet and shut the door. Place the trash outside. Keep doors closed; keep valuables out of reach. Praise and reward your dog profusely for chewing her own toys.

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